2015 Summer Camps




Austin Action Camp

DATES: August 3rd to 7th, & August 10th to 14th

Weekly Schedule: Monday-Friday 

Time: 9:00 AM - 4 PM (drop-off 8 AM - 9 AM).

Ages: 12-18 years old. Student’s who range from middle school to high school age and are willing to engage themselves in community, activities, and growth.

Cost: $300/Week. In that cost, you are paying for 7 hours of camp activities, lunch for a week, and an engaging way for students to keep healthy, active, and engaged during those long, lazy summer days.

Transportation: I will be providing a carpool from Ben White/1st street area, for families who may have trouble making the commute. 

Contact: Tyler Merwin, email: Tyler@skybridgeatx.com, & phone: 608-751-2947

This program will be a way for students (ages 12-18) to continue the development of their social, academic, and life skills. Our camp will take place at Skybridge Academy, which is located on a large plot of land in Hill Country. Our campus has lots of open green space, a pond, a farm and lot of space to run around, free from the smog and traffic of downtown Austin.

The daily schedule will consist of :

9AM-10AM: A Socratic Seminar in the morning which the students will choose the topics for. This is a great way to start the morning and also build community within the camp. For those not familiar with Socratic Seminar, it is a discussion amongst the community which topics can range from finding our own identity, the implications of time travel, to discussing solutions to climate change. Socratic Seminars allow people to come together to discuss life in an open and non-judgemental way while also working on our social skills.

10AM-11AM: An outdoor activity that includes soccer, ultimate frisbee, capture-the-flag, basketball, or any other outdoor activity the students choose.

Lunch 11AM-1:00PM: Students will work together to create a lunch that can feed the class that is also healthy and accommodating to various students dietary preferences/needs. This will be a way for students to become comfortable in the kitchen, as well as teach independence.

1:00PM-2:30PM: Personal Development: Students will be given time to work independently on any project that they choose, ranging from creative writing, music, to arts and crafts, to honing their math skills, to reading. This time is a space for students to keep their mind active during the long summer months, while being in the presence of a licensed teacher who can give them assistance.

2:30PM-4:00 PM: Community Fun: This time is given for students to play board games, compete in Smash Brothers Tournaments, water balloon fights, and any other activities that build community.