College Admissions

College Admissions Case Study

Colleges are on the minds of many Skybridge students and their families, and they are understandably anxious about the educational choices they make leading up to that next step. We thought a pair of messages from one Skybridge family would be helpful to others preparing for college admissions.

Hi Ariel.

This is a text I sent to [my husband], describing the experience Jacquelyn had at Swarthmore College. She attended a biology class and a physics class at Swarthmore as well. All very positive. Thought you might be interested…another affirmation that fantastic things are happening at Skybridge, and that you and your staff are progressively on target for liberal arts education. Amazing, you are!

We spent some time chatting with the Swarthmore admissions counselor that covers Texas as part of his territory. He was very aware of the eclectic educational community in Austin, and said that they frequently admit kids from Austin and Portland because they are the type of students Swarthmore looked for. Was not at all dismayed at the “no-grades” policy. He totally recommended that she stay at Skybridge – not even go to ACC in the fall if her heart was not in it. Total load off her shoulders. Of course, he said he was not assuring her admission, but said she was on the right track. Encouraged her to always stay true to what she loved doing — how she loved learning — and not make decisions based on “what I need to do to get in ” to the school of choice.
Hi Ariel, Nishi and Lucas,

Just a quick note to update you on our visit to Columbia and Barnard, specifically from the perspective of praising you for what you do and how you do it.

As we sat through the info session and Columbia’s Core Curriculum was explained, Jacquelyn realized that its pulse is strikingly similar to Skybridge’s Socratic Dialogues.

As she sat through and participated in the Columbia class “Galaxies and Cosmology”, the instructor played a YouTube video of some grad students rapping about course content….a similar educational technique Lucas used last week. Circular motion was discussed in the course, which, ironically Jacquelyn mentioned, was discussed in Nishi’s Physics class today. Her class broke up into small groups of four, and Jacquelyn was invited to participate. She felt so proud, as she was actually able to contribute to her group… She was the only one who knew about white dwarves (hope that is the correct term). As we went on the campus tour, Jacquelyn was familiar with several of the scientists mentioned, as a result of reading some books Lucas recommended. Over and over again, it was made evident that Skybridge is pushing the envelope of progressive academics.

I am humbled by whatever forces led our family to Skybridge. Quite an unexpected turn of events in our lives, as we were not really looking to put our kids in school; in fact, a year ago we were not even looking to relocate. Yet we have found ourselves in a wonderful, intelligent, purpose-driven city home, full of diversity and interesting people, bursting with quiet, beautiful, natural places, engaged in an incredible academic community.

Thank you for listening to that quiet inner voice, navigating you towards that truest form of yourselves. It is such an honor to have your influences on our children’s lives. I have addressed this email to the three of you since what we experienced today directly related to you; however, I am equally grateful to the other staff members who also dedicate themselves wholeheartedly to the Skybridge Community and Philosophy.

Thank you so much. You are repeatedly changing lives.
— Parent of High School (and Junior High) Student