Vision Statement

Our Vision for Education

Skybridge Academy’s vision is founded upon one simple premise: every child is unique.

This means education is not “one size fits all.”

Nor should it be.

Rooted in the Latin educere meaning “to bring out and lead forth,” the word “education” itself supports this guiding principle: in contrast to traditional public schooling modeled on the old assembly-line mode of production where the child must mold him/herself to the school, Skybridge recognizes that not every child is the same and molds itself to each student.

Respecting students as individuals, a Skybridge education starts with the child’s unique needs, talents, and values. This essential uniqueness is what we at Skybridge seek to “bring out” so that, given our distinct approach to education, your child can “lead forth.”

We at Skybridge also recognize there is no single, right way to learn. Conscious of the fact different children learn in different ways, our mindful faculty works to build relationships with your child rooted in trust. Once established, our staff, in entering our students’ academic and emotional space, offers the compassionate support your children need to achieve their academic and personal goals.

In shaping education to the individual, education, no longer a simple duty, transforms into a journey where students begin to discover themselves and their own unique identities. Our feeling is that a child should never have to be one person at home and someone entirely different at school. Such necessitates the creation of a safe space where your child can feel safe and secure through this journey—where they are supported in a vulnerable place of authenticity, where they simply get to be who they are, and to dynamically engage in their academics as our Department Page indicates.

Our passionate staff knows well that the old and tired methods of traditional education based on memorization and testing does not meet the needs of every child. Nor do such methods, as numerous studies have concluded, enhance the learning process. In vitally connecting to each individual student, we focus on creating integrated learning that digs deep into students’ passions and supports them in creating strategies to build upon their shortcomings.

In our theme-based classes, students are supported in asking questions and locating their own answers as they forge ahead on their ways to becoming creative and innovative thinkers. While content-rich, our classes focus on the development of a wide-ranging set of skills necessary to set them up for success post-Skybridge. Whether our students decide to go to college or enter the workforce upon graduating, they will have developed the means necessary to create a meaningful and life-sustaining future as responsible global citizens.

With no educational route prescribed by grades, tracking, standardized testing, or performance as is prevalent in the old traditional education model, we offer written evaluations based on mastery using the metrics of participation, effort, initiative, and perseverance to determine how successfully each student participates in class.

Skybridge Academy provides an environment where children come to know their own selves and, perhaps most importantly, learn to love themselves. In cultivating a sense of authenticity and integrity, when they complete their Skybridge journeys, your children are prepared to create lives based on their own unique learning style, personalities, and passions. In so doing, they are supported in their journeys toward self-discovery and given the tools necessary to cultivate experiences that honor and reflect their unique selves.