Mission Statement

Our Vision for Education

By definition, intelligence is the ability to learn and apply knowledge. At Skybridge Academy, we approach our educational program with the belief that intelligence is not a predetermined trait. It is a quality that can be developed, and it is fully realized in a student-centered learning environment. We are fueled by this belief to create opportunities for meaningful learning to foster intellectual vitality and advance high levels of literacy. As a team we encourage and support students in asking meaningful questions, taking initiative, and persevering to find answers.

As both a professional observer of local schools and the parent of a happy, thriving Skybridge student, I wholeheartedly recommend this unique school to families looking for a stimulating, challenging, and beautifully unconventional learning environment.

— Teri Sperry, Alt Ed Austin

The students are the center of how we design our curricula and classes. Our courses are created through a constructive dialogue between students and teachers. This is a highly dynamic process wherein the schedule and course offerings change every semester. We are flexible about content because we prioritize the progression of conceptual understanding, which can be done through several areas of interest.

We recognize that given the depth and breadth of knowledge that is easily accessible by a person, it is irrelevant to teach only the facts. Instead, we firmly believe in the development of a conceptual framework that becomes the foundation for bridging different areas of interest. Our focus is on each student attaining mastery, where they have a strong grasp of fundamental knowledge through which they build a conceptual framework.

Given our focus, our evaluations are designed to provide feedback about qualities that enable mastery: initiative, perseverance, participation, and effort. We are able to observe and assess these qualities given our small class sizes and our passionate commitment to providing meaningful education.

All our classes across different disciplines are especially compelling because we incorporate designed-based learning activities, Socratic discussions, and individualized student projects. We strive to provide comprehensive and student-centered education that developslearners' intelligence, empowering them to find their own paths for life after graduation.