What Our Families Say

Parent Testimonials

We're honored when parents and students tell us how their Skybridge experience has affected their lives. Here are a few of the many comments we are gratified to receive and pleased to share with the authors' permission.

Thank you so much for all you’ve done for [our daughter]. She loves the culture you have created. It’s beautiful in the honesty of humanity without fear.

Life is an education and doesn’t abide by anyone’s set curriculum. A real school is a place where people with similar goals and much respect are free to learn that which will support and expand their journey through life.

We have found such a place.
— High School Parent
Two years of searching for a school that treated adolescents with respect, compassion and support yielded multiple disappointments and a sincere lack of engagement for my daughter. I can’t believe how quickly she went from “I don’t want to go to school at all” to “I’m only unhappy because I don’t get to go to school enough”!

Skybridge has worked miracles for my daughter and subsequently my family. After two semesters, I have my child back! Better than that, she has herself back!!! I can easily say that this is a direct result of the administrative and educational team at [Skybridge], because she believes that you “have her back.” I cannot adequately express my deepest gratitude for all of your help, generosity of time, compassion and care with my daughter!!!!

You certainly live up to your title as Chief Motivator! Thank you for creating Sanctuary for my family.
— Ali Ronder, M.Ed.
Executive Director |Integrity Academy
Treasurer | Education Transformation Alliance
As both a professional observer of local schools and the parent of a happy, thriving Skybridge student, I wholeheartedly recommend this unique school to families looking for a stimulating, challenging, and beautifully unconventional learning environment. Let me tell you a few things I love about Skybridge Academy:

• Skybridge students learn critical thinking skills, most obviously in the Socratic dialogues, but also in other classes where students freely engage in deep discussion, practice self-expression through multiple forms of writing and the arts, and apply math, technology, and scientific principles to real-world problems.

• Skybridge maintains high expectations for hard work and excellence—but without the one-size-fits-all standardization, high-stakes testing, and dehumanizing competitiveness found in too many schools.

• The program’s guiding philosophy, unusual structure, and small scale make it possible for teachers at Skybridge to give extraordinary attention to students as individuals—to who they are and how the school can support them in becoming who they want to be.

There are many more things to love about this school from an educational consultant’s perspective, but most important to me as a parent is that Skybridge brings out the very best in my kid.
— Teri Sperry
Publisher & Family Consultant
Alt Ed Austin
It is such a relief to see our child begin to find his footing again and come out of his shell - he has smiled, laughed, and talked more in the last week than he has in a very long time.
— High School Parent
When we drop them off, there isn’t the usual steely armor that they normally have to put on. When I pick them up, they are at ease, sharing what they enjoyed and generally just at peace. The kind of peace I haven’t seen in years. So thank you both for starting a movement, an awareness that there is a better kinder way of educating our children that isn’t competitive, where some have to lose in order
for others to “win”.
— Junior High Parent
I just love, love, love these evaluations. I love your words and each teacher evaluation. I feel like each teacher really knows him, celebrates his strengths, and gently pushes him to improve. You really know how to bring together a stellar teaching team!
— High School Parent
I very much appreciate your selective process for admittance to Skybridge and that the admission process is more than academic. As the parent of a middle school girl, I’m very aware of how unkind girls can be at this age. We have had issues in the past with the typical “mean girls” and it is so refreshing to see a drama-free middle school environment. I know there will be disagreements, but it seems the group you have assembled will work things out in a respectful manner.
— Junior High parent
You guys are all so incredible and we appreciate your dedication, devotion and understanding of what a unique and sometimes fragile creature our student is.
— Junior High Parent
It is such a relief to see our child begin to find his footing again and come out of his shell - he has smiled, laughed, and talked more in the last week than he has in a very long time.
— High School Parent